Two years ago my best friend passed away. He sacrificed himself to save another friend in need. The world might label him as a hero and I would have to totally agree with that. I’m sure every person he came in contact with in his short 23 years of life would agree to that.

Now that two years have passed, I want to talk about Time. Would you call time a healer in some sorts? I guess I would say it is. There’s no doubt that the pain of losing someone you love will absolutely never go away. But I think Time definitely helps you cope with that pain…eventually. The more that Time passes by the more you get used to the fact that your loved one is gone. Is that healing in a sense? Maybe….Maybe not.

But what I really want to point out is that Time definitely helps. You just need to have the patience to realize that Time doesn’t mean a couple days. It doesn’t even necessarily means a few months or even years. When people say “give it time” that usually means its a undefined number. You don’t know how much time you will need. But Time will help you. Just give it a chance. Don’t give up because its been a week and you’re still devastated and the tears won’t stop falling from your eyes. Don’t give up.

Time has definitely helped me. I still think about Daniel all the time. But its not lingering on my conscience all day and throughout the night while I’m trying to sleep. But days like today, on the anniversary of his unfortunate death, I miss him a little extra. I think about him a little extra. And I’m blessed to be able to hang out with my other best friends as we honor him and his legacy. We love you Daniel. May the force be with you my friend.


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