Should I do it?

I wonder if thats the last question that goes through someone’s mind right before they pull the trigger or stepping off the ledge. The pain must be so intolerable.

When someone does decide to do it and let go, that loss is excruciating. They must know that before letting go. They must think that before saying goodbye. And yet, the pain must be so intolerable that they have to still let go.

I wonder if these influential people who commit suicide cause their fans to think that its ok to do the same. “Well since they did it, it must be ok to do as well.”

Or maybe the opposite happens and the loss of that influential person in your life causes you to realize that pain you will inflict on your loved ones if you decide to do the same.

Living in today’s world has just become really hard. I get it. You can’t go down the street without witnessing some hate. You can scroll down a couple posts on your news feed without seeing some hate. The world is a sad place. And because we have made the world smaller from technology we can truly see how sad the world is from every corner of the Earth. From terrorists bombings in France to the child abuse in your neighbors home. Nothing is private anymore and people hate each other for no other reason that what they look like. And theres nothing anyone can do about it.

Living in a world like this sounds pretty pointless to me. So I completely understand why people choose to let go and get out of this world.

This morning I found out my first musical love, Chester Bennington,  has passed away from his own doing. Its not just about music. When your 12 years old and the only thing in the world that matters to you is Linkin Park its beyond just the music. His voice, his persona, his life is almost as important as your best friends’. Yes a lot of musicians and actors have passed away the last two years, but this one left me speechless this morning.

RIP Chester.




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