Late For The Party

So here’s another heartfelt rant about my best friend Daniel. Its been exactly one year since he left us. Its hard to accept. Already been a whole year. Thats plain and simple. Whatever mental structure in my brain and heart make me feel like I’m going to see him in a couple weeks coming home from some trip he went on. But he never shows up and I’m worrying everyday when I will see him again. Time doesn’t help. Whoever says that hasn’t gone through what we are going through. I don’t know what to say or how to describe it. But I know some of my friends could agree with me. I could go on and on about who he really was. Before he was this “hero.” What most of the world doesn’t know who he was. Only us guys knew exactly who Daniel Nguyen was. But maybe thats for a different time. But since we knew him, Daniel was always late to everything so it just feels like he’s just late to this party as well.

Upon reflecting of Daniel’s life this past year, I’ve come to realize he is the blueprint on how I should treat people and my friends. He didn’t treat a person based on their skin color or wealth status or whatever. He treated you with the most respect and gave you a chance to become a friend. I wish I could do that. Make friends wherever I go. This last year I’ve been trying to do just that. I lived in St. Louis for awhile and met some really great friends and family there. Also since being home Ive been trying to rekindle my already long lasting friendships. I love my friends and want to show that now more than ever. I can’t wait to grow old and all our kids become best friends and keep our legacy going.

There’s definitely countless instances of emotional dark times that seem to never end. The pain of loss in my heart will never be filled up again.  I miss him. I miss him every day. I look at your picture and stare at your face smiling back at me. I hope one day I’ll be as good of a friend and as good of a person as he was. Perhaps this time, he’s early to the party and were still stuck here for awhile.


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