Aren’t You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper?

1997. My parents are taking me to a movie theater to go see some movie they loved when they were kids. It was called Star Wars. At this point I’m around five years old. As we enter the theater the worker there hands me this exclusive Luke Skywalker action figure (which I still own to this day) and we grab our seats. I’m you could guess that the movie made me very exhilarated and thrilled my little senses. Like millions other kids, and even adults, Star Wars was something more than just a movie. In the movie there is a band of rebel scum lead by three unlikely suspects. Throughout the saga you fall in love with the main three. You memorize every one of their lines because who’ve watched the movie countless times.

As for a child like me, I grew up with no siblings. Of course I had plenty of friends in the neighborhood and at school. I wasn’t a sad little loner. But the day to day at home there wasn’t much to go do while mom and dad were at work. So I had Star Wars. Star Wars action figures. Star Wars video games. You name it. When I wasn’t at school or outside with my friends, for the most part all I had was Star Wars and the creative universe in my imagination. When you’re a child, you feel like the characters in the movie are some of your close friends.

On August 13th earlier this year, Kenny Baker passed away. The genius who brought us R2D2. R2D2 will always be loved by every Star Wars fan. Kenny was 81.

And earlier this morning, on December 27th, our beloved and beautiful Princess Leia passed away. Carrie Fisher was 60 years young.

It hurts when your child-self feels like one of their friends just passed away.

May The Force Be With You.


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