Bittersweet Pain

Oh how the past is such a sweet place to visit. Sweet memories flowing through your head making your body ache. Emotion so painful that reality seems like a dream. Until enough time passes and the reality comes roaring back punching you in the gut over and over again. Funny thing about time is that there will be never enough of it to make the pain go away. The only thing, well to be more specific, the only person that can help is Jesus Christ. Jesus is not effected by time. But He is effected by your pain. Because he cares so much about you. 

It’s an interesting feeling to have a person so perfect, so giving that He died for you. He died so that all your mistakes are forgiven. This made possible only because he rose from the dead three days after His sacrifice. 

Jesus can heal your pain. Not for just one day. Not for just one night. But for the rest of your life……your eternal life that is graciously given to you if you accept what He’s done for you. 

Beautiful thing is, is that it doesn’t end there. If you put your conplete trust in this wonderful being who is fully God and and fully man, He will cherish you. The thought that’s troubling you in your head making you feel like you have no meaning, will suddenly fade away. It’s not an easy thing to accept. You will find at times that living for Jesus can be painful, ironically. But it’s a different pain. A pain for fighting for. A pain fueled by spreading God’s love. 

Pain caused by depression is absent and love is overflowing. 

Thank God. 


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