Three Day Friend

A person comes into your life and you have an automatic connection with them. You’re instant friends and can talk and joke around like you’ve known each other for 10 years. But then you realize that friendship only lasted for about three days. It just so happens that this moment in time when your paths cross is also a transitioning moment in their life. Transition meaning that they are about to leave and move on to better things. As you just got hired at your new work, they train you for three days, and then they inform you that they just put in their two weeks notice. I had a new friend for about three days, then their gone.

Its just weird how life is full of that kind of stuff. Its weird to talk to someone you just met and realize they love the same music and movies as you do; even talk on personal levels like a death of a friend. Its weird how like our souls sometimes already know each other from a different life or something. Probably will never see that person again but I’m grateful we got to connect on such a cool and personal level for those three days. Take care buddy. Maybe we’ll cross paths again one day. You never know.


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