Racist? Me?

There are many words being thrown around in modern times that just don’t mean the same thing anymore because of the internet and social media. Love would be a big one. But thats a whole other rant I would particularly not start right now. But another big one and my focus for this short splurge of opinion is the word RACIST. Let’s just get a little background here. I’m white. Live in Southern California. Have a job and going to school to be an accountant. Cool? Cool.

Now lets just start off with a few facts. Southern California has a very diverse population. People of all races and cultures and religions live and dwell in the streets of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. For the last ten or so years it has been quite frequent when I’m being called a racist. Being a 16 year old kid and being called a full blown racist can be very harsh on your mind. Especially when you have friends so close you call them brothers and almost each one of them is a different race or have a different background. It just seems so silly to me to call me racist when my whole life growing up was immersed with diversity. Heck, three of my cousins that I love so dearly are half black! I love old blues music. I love old Motown. Led Zeppelin would have never existed if it wasn’t for black music. So trust me, I m very grateful for my black brethren.

America is so fragile right now. Hillary or Trump? Black Lives Matter! All Lives Matter! Whatever.

Yes, I’m voting for Trump. Why? Because he isn’t owned by anyone else. He won’t have to owe other people when he gets into office. He will only owe us. The People. The Country. Yeah ok maybe he says some harsh things. Well GOOD! Someone has to speak some truth here. And sometimes the truth hurts. ALOT. But I also get that in America, truth is a point of view. Hillary has proven to us of her incompetence. Trump has no major political standards to go by. Which is maybe what we so desperately need. A change. Not just another 4 years of Obama.

But in the last year if you’re a Trump supporter then you must be a racist. Well if the people say its true, then it must be true. Right? Back in high school, during international pride week, we weren’t allowed to have any white race groups because it was racist. How wrong is that? White kids today are afraid to speak their minds because the moment they let out an opinion they are automatically deemed a racist.

I love my family. My family members who are white. My family members who are black. Love them all. I love my friends. My friends who white. My friends who are black. My friends who are vietnamese, Filipino, Mexican, Native American, Italian, ALL OF THEM!

If I was racist, I would go down the street to the home depot, pack like 20 illegal Mexicans into the van and set it on fire. Am I doing that? NO! Am I walking the streets and arguing with illegal Mexicans and calling them rapists and thieves? NO! Am I going up to them and destroying and condemn their heritage and culture? NO! I love Mexican food!

But I’m a middle-class young white person living in the United States of America in the year 2016. I’m suppose to shut up and take all the horrible accusations cursed on me and be ok with it. Or else I’ll be called a racist.


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