I Want To Live For You

The terms and phrases like “seize the day” and “cherish the moment” mean nothing when your young. We think we are bulletproof! Eat whatever we want and do whatever we want whenever we to do it.
Until you experience death for the first time. This mental state in your brain will not change. Until someone you love is gone and you will never see or speak to them in this world again. You will live each day never taking a moment to just STOP and think.
Think about what you’re doing and being thankful for that phone or computer screen you are reading this post on. Thankful for that baby boy or girl you’re holding in your arms. Thankful that your parents love you and did absolutely everything for you.
A couple days ago one my dearest and best friends passed away. If any of you know our group of friends, you know we are like a family. Seriously, it’s amazing every time we get a chance to all hangout.
Those of you who knew Daniel Nguyen knows that he was definitely a unique soul. He was funny, serious, outgoing, mysterious, loving, and focused. The biggest miser I know! Lol. He hated spending money on senseless things or even food. He hated time wasted. He hated going to work wishing he could go on an adventure. He loved seizing the beautiful moments he went through. Usually by taking some picture depicting his unique humor.
When a huge tragedy happens such as this, it’s very discouraging. Your initial reaction it denial and perhaps giving up. I don’t want to give up. I want to start living my life for Daniel! I want to truly cherish the moment like Daniel did. Please everybody, don’t take for granted what you have and who is in your life. I encourage you to make some time to mend old relationships and start beautiful new ones. It’s worth it, trust me on this one.
Alex Hanlon.
I love you Daniel. R.I.P.


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